Door To Door Insurance Luxury sheep skin COLLAR for the medieval knight Jon Snow

Door To Door Insurance Luxury'sheep'skin COLLAR for the medieval knight Jon Snow

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The perfect COLLAR to complete the perfect Jon Snow costume in Game of Thrones

This collar is made with real skin: usually sheep, lamb or goat skin. I only use de-stocking or end-of-series skin.
The aspect, color and the shape of the skin can vary, depending on what I can find
If you prefer, there is a beautiful faux fur collar in my boutique
This item can fit perfectly with any knight cape or tunic.

Only one size

In my Etsy boutique you can discover capes and knight tunics. Have a look on my other creation such as Viking, Musketeer, Robin Hood, Pirate, legionary, Achilles, Gallic warrior costume and also beautiful princess dresses

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